Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Mike seems to be starting the same thing he did before he was hospitalized in May. He's burping more which sometimes leads to him coughing. He also tends to "tighten up" his body, almost like he's in pain. I'm concerned that Mary is giving him dinner too fast. You see, she ALSO started school (at night) and she has to leave every day at 5pm. Since Mike doesn't eat well for me, she tries to get him to finish dinner before she leaves, leaving me to give him his yogurt with medicine each night. I admit, it sometimes takes me about an hour just to give him 1/4 cup of yogurt, but I would rather take my time than rush him and have him choke. If she starts rushing Mike, than he will be back where he was. I've told her a few times already to take her time and I just hope she does.

Mike also has this infection on his toe that will NOT go away. He's had it on and off now for about a year. This podiatrist finally biopsied it and she said it was MRSA (drug resistant staph). The antibiotic he had been on for some time, was not doing anything for it, since the infection was resistant to the antiobiotic. She changed the medicine, but it it still hasn't improved as much as she has liked. She spoke with Mike's primary doctor and he prescribed a strong antibiotic, used to treat the resistant strains of infections, but after looking it up on line, I noticed that it cautions use for those with seizure disorder. I have not had it filled yet. Tomorrow, I will speak to the hospice nurse to see what she thinks and maybe even call Mike's neuroligist to see what he thinks.

Ironically, during Mike's last hospitalization, they swabbed his nose for MRSA, which they told me is standard for all patients admitted to the hospital. It came back positive and he was considered in "isolation". All workers entering his room had to wear gowns, masks and of course gloves. At the time we were concerned about it spreading, especially since Mike had a wicked fungal infection in his armpits with some open areas. The Resident checked with the "infectious disease department" and they said, not to worry. Well, now Mike has it on his toe, and for how long he has had it we don't know.

Just one more thing to worry about.

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