Sunday, September 14, 2008

Memory Walk '08

I am SO HAPPY to say that, as a team, we raised about $3,700.00. I will not have a grand total until all the checks have been deposited at the Alzheimer's Association, but just from what I handed in yesterday, this is the figure I have.

I was SO BLESSED this year to have so many friends support us. I had a group from work come, Courtney had even more friends than last year and of course, we had our good friends from Westbury. Without all of their hard work and support, we could never had surpassed our goal.

I was also so pleased to see that this year, even more people attended overall (they estimated about 1,600, a far cry from the 100 or so back in 2001 when Mike and I walked together), AND, the Walk was featured on our local Long Island news station. In the four years that I have done this walk, this was the first year that I can honestly say that it got some of the attention it deserved. We're not there yet, but we are so very close.

This year, the Alzheimer's Association also handed out medals to all their "Team Leaders" for their hard work in getting their teams together and raising so much money. I felt honored hearing my name called and wearing the medal around my neck. I pray that one day I will not have to wear that medal, or walk the walk, because Alzheimer's will be a disease of the past.

Thank you again to everyone who walked with us, donated to our team and helped make this year a HUGE success.

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