Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good from Bad

Brandon got a call early last night from his friend asking if he could spend the night. Apparently he was having some problems at home and wanted to "get away". I said of course, and then spoke with his mom to make sure everything was OK. I honestly felt honored that he would call Brandon. For years, I have been questioned by others and have even questioned myself, about my choice in keeping Mike at home with us. Last night proved that even though our home life may be different, my children's friends still feel comfortable enough to retreat to OUR home. That is a blessing.
Because of what happened, Courtney and I began to realize that they each have friends with problems, and amazingly Courtney and Brandon are the people these friends turn to. When Courtney brought it up, I told her how proud I was that Mike's situation has obviously made them more understanding of certain issues and they are less likely to judge, so their friends feel comfortable going to them for advise. I can't say enough of how proud I am of both of them.
It also came up that one of Courtney's friends has even told her that she considers ME her "hero". She finds it amazing that with all I do for Mike, I still find the time for Courtney and Brandon, I agreed to have my brother move in and most recently, this situation with Brandon's friend.
I truly don't believe I do anything different that what SHOULD be done. I just treat people as I would want others to treat me. I am embarassed and humbled at Courtney's friend's comment, but I guess a part of me is happy knowing that I can make Courtney and Brandon proud also.

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