Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I've been so busy cleaning out Mike's and my bedroom for my brother who's moving in next week. It's been very emotional getting rid of alot of Mike's things. As I go through his clothes, I can picture him wearing certain things at different events and it's hard. When I think about all that he's missing and all that we've lost................

Courtney has bronchitis, so of course I get concerned about Mike. I have been keeping her away from Mike since last week when she started to cough, but germs are everywhere. I can only take more extreme precautions, and hope and pray that no one else will get it.

We planted two trees in our backyard over the weekend for an early Mother's Day present. I've wanted a weeping cherry tree for some time now and a weeping willow was Mike's favorite, so I chose that for one. The other is a purple plum which has purple leaves. I look forward to watching them grow each year.

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