Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Angels - Part VI

Extended Family.
Growing up, we always seemed to have alot of people at our home, especially over the holidays. My cousins (all 5 of them) lived one block away. My brother and I each had a cousin our age, so we went through High School having our cousins in the same classes etc. I wouldn't consider us really close, but we were definitely connected during that time in our lives.
Then life happens. Some of us went to each other's wedding, some moved away, the usual. I have one cousin in particular who has come back into our lives and we are very thankful for him. He has endured a lot in his life, but now, he finally seems happy and successful. He has three beautiful children and a lovely wife.
He came back into our lives shortly after Mike was diagnosed. He brought me an inspirational book about getting through hard times and even had Mike added to his church's prayer list. He has stopped by occassionally and even helped us out when my dad passed away by helping my brother move some things out of my dad's apartment. He checks in with us every once in a while, even though his own life is hectic. He has provided support and guidance. He even arranged for our alma mater to have it's annual fundraiser in honor of Mike and we were blessed to receive a wonderful donation from them.
I often tell people that I am amazed that I have been able to keep the house and pay the bills (allbeit struggling to do so), and I have been able to do that through the amazing help of so many people. Our lives have been blessed in so many ways, by so many angels. They offer support in so many different ways and show up at the most unexpected times. It is nearly impossible to go through this journey alone.
My cousin came back into our lives and we are blessed because of it. Thank you Rich. You've helped us more than you realize.

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