Monday, May 5, 2008


It has been quite hectic at home, with my brother moving in. My dining room is filled with his boxes of things that he needs to sort out and put away. I can't continue to sort through my "stuff" in the room until his furniture is arranged as he wants it and I can get to my things. It seems like it will never get cleaned up, even though I know it will.

I guess I'm more concerned with Mike right now. He has another infection on his big toe that the podiatrist came to evaluate. She immediately put him on antibiotics. That was last Thursday. Last night, Mike had a fever (100.5). I'm not sure if it was from his toe or something else. Mike never seems to get a fever unless there's a REAL problem. At 2am I had to change him because he was drenched with sweat, which I assume was from the fever breaking. This morning he woke up and appeared to be fine, no fever. He went to the neurologist for a scheduled appointment and the Dr. was actually happy with the way Mike was - alert and smiling.

The waiting game begins and I can only hope this was an isolated incident which will not repeat itself and that Mike will be OK. As always, we turn to prayer.

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