Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy One Year of Blogging

One year ago today, I started this blog. It began as a way for my family and friends to stay in touch after Mike came home from the hospital last year. While it still does the job I intended, I decided along the way to use this Blog to help me continue my advocacy and raise more awareness of Early (Young) Onset Alzheimer's Disease and share with all who are interested, the daily lives and struggles of our family as we battle this demon.

Now for some family news - Courtney was appointed Eucharistic Minister through school. She was one of 48 students chosen out of 200 candidates for this position. It is something she has wanted to do since she started at Kellenberg when she found out that they distribute communion every Wednesday in assisted living facilities on the dementia floors. It was a long wait, and thankfully it had a good outcome. None of her other friends were chosen, so of course, she's upset for them. She was also one of 38 students picked from her entire school (2500 students) to see the Pope at the youth rally this coming Saturday. Her ticket came in the mail on Saturday and she has been walking on cloud nine ever since. What a blessing for her and a once in a lifetime experience.
My brother will be moving in by the end of April. It has been quite hectic for me since I have 20 years worth of "stuff" to move out of our bedroom. Hopefully everything will work out for all of us.
After almost 4 months of being sick with chronic sinusitis, Brandon FINALLY seems to be doing better. The ENT still brought up the topic of surgery to remove his adenoids once again (they were removed when he was 5 but grew back), but as long as he is doing better, I will not be addressing that option seriously.
Mike is still holding his own. This month, it is seven (7) years since Mike was diagnosed. Since I've been cleaning up our room, I've come across letters he had written to me dating back to 1998 in response to my concern for his forgetfullness. I guess I need to acknowledge that Mike's problem existed long before he was oficially diagnosed. That thought scares me, and pains me at the same time knowing Mike was fighting a losing battle without either of us knowing it.

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