Wednesday, October 31, 2007

12 Down....

Well, this is the third and final week of Nathan's vacation. I can honestly say, it wasn't so bad. The agency FINALLY pulled through and sent a VERY capable, friendly and hardworking aide. I will actually be sorry to see her go.

Today Mike is not having a good day though. The guessing game begins....His blood pressure seemed good (to rule out dehydration), his breathing seemed "normal", no fever, good color...BUT his head is drooping and he's not eating or drinking as much as he should. He has had a problem with his toe for the last 2 1/2 weeks. The podiatrist is scheduled to come back tomorrow. It had been infected and he was given an antibiotic. It seemed to be doing OK. Then Saturday night, it got REALLY red and swollen again. The podiatrist came back on Tues. and said she didn't believe it was infected again, but that it did NOT look good. Could this be causing Mike discomfort? Could there be a deeper infection? Things would be so much easier if he could talk and explain what is bothering him. But then, life is not easy. So the guessing game continues and we try to rule things out. I am praying that he will wake up from his nap with more energy to make up for his lack of eating and drinking so far today. But until then, I worry that it will not get better, and he will be back in the hospital.

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