Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Mike had an EEG and CtScan yesterday, but I have not spoken to his doctor. The resident on the floor, of course, keeps talking about possible pneumonia, but we expected that. It seems that whenever an Alzheimer patient is admitted with a fever, that's what they ASSUME. Mike has been eating and drinking well. They have him on 2 antibiotics and a blood thinner, which I assume is preventative because of his history of clotting.

I was in tears when I left last night. As I was giving Mike a kiss and telling him I had to go back to work today, it appeared he said "no". He gave me a frown also. It seemed as though he really understood. Of course, I delayed my leaving, and the kids and I stayed a few more minutes. When I went to leave again, he lifted his hand and appeared to wave. I left with tears in my eyes and prayed that IF he DID understand, he knew I would be back tomorrow.

I hope Mike will be home in a few days and all will be back to "our normal" soon.


Susan Nerheim said...

Hi Karen, I am so sorry to hear about this set-back. I hope he will be home soon. I received the picture today that you sent of Henley's heroes, what a fantastic, supportive group you have surrounding you. Thoughts are with you as always, Susan in Phoenix

Karen H said...

Susan -

You are so very welcome. I can't thank you enough for helping us reach our goal. Guess who I saw at the hospital while Mike was in - Pat's parents. Pat's Aunt was hospitalized and is in a room 4 doors down from Mike. They stopped by and said "Hi". It's a small world. Thank you again for your support - I truly mean it.