Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary

19 years ago today, Mike and I were married. Our wedding song was "Follow You, Follow Me", by Genesis. This was one of the only things in all the wedding planning that Mike really requested. I was showing Mike's aide our wedding album today and how sad is it that all my friends in the wedding party are no longer in contact with me. This wasn't the typical, we grew apart and went seperate ways. It was more of an example of Alzheimer's Disease Alienation. I wonder how different things would be if I had that much more support from friends.

Of course, the sadness is also there from imagining what might have been. All our hopes and dreams are no longer. I always wonder what Mike would think of Courtney and Brandon and the young adults they have become. Knowing how proud he was of them when they were younger, I can't even imagine what he would think of them today. I wonder how Mike would have aged and whether he would have kept his sense of humor. I wonder what we would have done to celebrate our day. Instead, I sit quietly at home with Mike and the kids. I am thankful we are all here and happy and healthy.

Happy Anniversary Mike. Love Karen.

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