Friday, November 2, 2007

I think we made it

Today is the last day without Nathan. In a strange turn of events, We are all going to miss the substitute aide (Sandra). She was great for Mike and lot of fun to have around. I have already askd her if she would be available for the end of December when Nathan goes to England for his daughter's wedding.

This morning I got a frantic call from my mom. She was at the house and Mike started coughing uncontrollably - she didn't know what to do. Of course, I'm at work and I feel helpless. Since Nathan was not there, and Sandra doesn't know Mike well enough, I had no idea whether this was unusual for him. Of course, my mind races and I begin to wonder, as I always do when Mike coughs - is this the part when he begins to have trouble swallowing? I can't concentrate on anything and my mind is only focused on him. Wednesday he coughed alot and was very lathargic, but yesterday he was perfectly fine. I know Mike has off days, but they were to the extreme. In between all this, he's still smiling and laughing. That's what we gauge things on. We feel if he still smiles and laughs, he's OK. I'm sure that's not a medical gauge, but it's ours.

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