Saturday, October 6, 2007

Mike in Hospital

Mike was brought to the hospital last night and was admitted today. He was fine all day yesterday and even went to the Dr. for a regular check-up. All was 100% and the Dr. was thrilled with Mike's condition. Last night, around 7pm, he started to moan and breath heavy. We thought of last Christmas with the collapsed lung, so I called the Ambulette. Courtney and I went, and Brandon stayed at home with my brother.

I was so focused on his moaning and breathing, therefore, so were the doctors. When Mike was brought in, he had a 103 fever. They started him on an antibiotic because they thought they saw something in his lungs (i.e. pneumonia/bronchitis). My mom came to relieve Courtney and I at 8:30 this morning. By then we were both up for more than 24 hours STRAIGHT. We came home, rested and we're heading back there now. Oh yeah, in the ER this morning, Mike had another grand mal seizure. That's when I became hysterical. The hospital staff was EXTREMELY understanding and spent time with me as I was there by myself (Courtney had gone to the waiting room to try and get some sleep, so thankfully she did not witness it). This could have been caused by so many things. As I woke up after my 4 hour rest this morning, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I called the nurse to have them check Mike for a UTI. Since he had NO SIGNS WHATSOEVER of a cold, I couldn't understand why he may have pneumonia. This way they will now check for another source of infection.

The guessing game begins, as I try to once again sort out what is wrong with Mike because he can't tell us himself. Hopefully, he will not be in long this time and we will get back to a regular routine in no time.

Please pray for him.

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