Saturday, October 13, 2007

Not out of the Woods Yet

Just when Mike came home and began his recovery, we found out that Nathan will be away for 3 weeks instead of the two he had originally planned at the end of October. His Aunt passed away and he extended his vacation so he could attend the funeral. Of course, he deserves a vacation and MUST be able to attend the funeral, it's just that the timing is all wrong. I am worried enough about Mike getting better (he's still moaning a little and has some diarrhea - sorry?!), but now I have to worry that a substitute aide will not know Mike well enough to know if something is wrong. I'm sure I will not be in work alot, which is always a concern for me. The kids just don't understand why I am so on edge, and they get frustrated with me when I show my concern. This worry drains me.

If we make it throught these 3 weeks unscathed, I still have the end of December to look forward to when Nathan again, takes another 2 weeks off to attend his daughter's wedding in England. Mostly good things for him, not so much for us.

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