Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Not Enough

I am having a VERY difficult time accepting the fact that many times - my best just isn't good enough. The past 9 years are beginning to take it's toll on me, and more and more, I find myself neglecting things that are quite important. My mind is full - too much for one person. I don't see a light at the end of the tunnel, and the burdens I carry are many. I wonder if God will get tired of hearing my prayers??? People ask how I have done it all these years and this is why. At my lowest of lows, I turn to prayer.


Kerry said...

I just finished my bible study lesson for today and in it was a passage from Margaret Feinberg's book "The Sacred Echo" which reads:
"Not all my prayers move God to act. Not all my prayers cause God to respond. Not all my prayers seem to have answers,
But what if the next prayer does? What if the next prayer makes a difference? What if the next prayer is the one that God answers? What if the next prayer is the one that helps change someone's heart or life? Suddenly I found my desire to pray and trust God renewed."
Please Karen keep praying and you are doing the best you can today and it is good enough. Whenever possible give yourself a break and I don't just mean physically, I mean cut yourself some slack. You are one remarkable lady....and many people see that.

Karen said...

Kerry -
Thank you for that passage. I ALWAYS pray, and I know God hears all my prayers, and I know that he answers every one of them - it just may not be what I can see at the time. That's where my FAITH comes in. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I need to allow myself to be sad every now and then and not feel like I always have to be upbeat. There has been too much going on lately and this is my sad time. I know there are people out there pulling for me and my family and I sincerely thank you for your kindness. God Bless