Saturday, April 17, 2010


After two months of countless phone calls and with no resolution in sight from hospice, I decided to ask Mike's aide, once again, if she could stay with Mike when we go to PA. THANKFULLY she said "yes". Despite the fact that under Medicare, Mike is entitled to 5 days of respite, I will be paying someone out of pocket to stay with Mike.

After we settled that, we checked out a facility for Gizmo to stay while we are away. It's called "Best in Show" and is a unique pet resort. We took care of all the particulars in less than an hour. I'm convinced that Gizmo will not want to come home after we return.

I can now rest easy that all plans are in order and can only pray that everything will remain status quo. I have never ignored the fact that Mike's health is still very fragile and I will be nervous while we are away. I will feel good knowing he will be staying at home and you can bet my cell phone will be firmly planted on my body.

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karen said...

I am so sorry you have to pay for your respite. It is just not fair.
I could in no way afford to pay someone to stay with mom. I hope it is not putting to big a hardship on you. Good luck and so glad you do get to go on your trip.He will be ok while your gone. But I do know how you will worry. Take care.