Thursday, April 1, 2010

Holy Week

Mike's aide was out sick the last two days, but we were blessed to have a wonderful substitute aide. That happened only because her regular patient was off this week and she wasn't needed, otherwise we would not have been so lucky. We also had a new aide on Sunday, who seemed to be nice, but it was her first day, so it will be a wait and see. I hope it works out so I will be able to have the help I desperately need on Sundays.
The weather is FINALLY starting to get nice, which is also desperately needed.
Brandon got his grades for this trimester and I am proud to say he did very well. He was very concerned because he was struggling the last few weeks. Those two days in DC were detrimental in school and apparently, he missed a lot of new work. He rebounded for his tests and we both breathed a sigh of relief. Courtney is still on break. Tomorrow night we hope to attend the "Rock Stations of the Cross" - which has become a yearly ritual. Saturday, Courtney will be doing a reading at Easter Vigil and on Easter, she will be going to Sunrise Mass with her friend (which means she we only get about 4 hours sleep). I went last year, but I don't think I will be able to swing it this year - which is sad, because it's always SO beautiful.
This was always Mike's favorite holiday and spring was his favorite time of year. A time for new beginnings.....


karen said...

I love Easter service and I won't get to go this year. I will watch it on tv. We watch church services on tv every Sunday these days. It is the best seat in the house. Happy Easter!!!

Karen said...

Karen -

I do that also, because I don't always get to go to services. I believe that Mike understands when it's on and I'm happy that I can give him the sense of calm that Mass brings. Happy Easter to you also. Be well.

Carl in NC said...

I hope that you have a very blessed Easter. We are in Va this weekend and my Granny passed away this morning. She was 92 and had lived a full life. She will be celebrating this Easter with the Lord Jesus Himself!

I will pray for the arrangements for your trip to the graduation and for the aide situation.

Take care and God bless,