Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Catch Up

Things have been somewhat "quiet" lately. Actually, not really - I've been busy. Next week will be our MUCH ANTICIPATED and NEEDED trip to Pennsylvania for my nephew's graduation from Penn State University. It has the potential to be a memorable and humorous road trip. Now that Mike's planning is completed (his aide will be staying with him), now it's time to get our "stuff" together. Beside packing and eventually getting Gizmo to his "hotel", there's also the small matter of moving Courtney out of her dorm, which MUST be completed before we leave for PA. This is where it is beneficial that she goes to school so close because we will be running back and forth almost every night to bring things out a little at a time, with the weekend being saved for the balance of the lareger items (and hoprefully I will have Brandon's help). She has finals Mon-Wed of next week, but she will only have some clothes, her sheets/towels and toiletries with her - the rest of her room will be bare.
I already forewarned my sister that while I am away, I will be on "mental vacation". I will not be making any decisions - I will just need to be told when and where I have to be. This is a COMPLETE 360 from what I do at home where EVERY SINGLE DECISION is made by me. It will be so nice to not have any pressure and I can only pray that everything will be OK with Mike while we are away.
Beside the hospice nurse, we have a dear friend (who also happens to be a nurse) who lives close by, offer to come by the house each day to check on Mike and Elaine. This will also help me relax a little. Just knowing that someone can be there in minutes, "just in case", or even to help Elaine if needed is an added comfort.
BTW - thank you to all who have reached out to me to help lift me up out of my funk. I thank God each and every day for all of you.

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