Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Please Don't

In the nine years of Mike's illness, we have seen such goodness in people. We have been blessed beyond measure. When people see our story or hear me talk, they get very emotional and tend to say anything that they think of. We have been told: Lifetime wants to make our story into a movie, Extreme Make-Over wants to do our house, a writer wants to write a book about our story, people want to set up Trusts and Foundations on behalf of the kids, they would help us with college, they will give us computers, get the kids tickets to ball games etc etc etc.

Please don't do this. As a family in crisis, we tend to hold out to ANY hope of promises that will make our life easier and/or lift our burdens. It is our faith in God, and our hope that one day things will get better that carry us through each day. While I TRULY understand the place of kindness where these thoughts come from, I ask that you please don't say anything that you know you will not be able to follow through on. Your fleeting desire to help does nothing but disappoint when it doesn't materialize. All I ever ask is that you pray for us, don't feel you need to work miracles - only one being is capable of that.
God Bless-


Anonymous said...

Aren't you glad you didn't get the Extreme Makeover,espcially since some of the families that were picked & had it done now are having trouble paying the bills. ON one of your previous blogs,I thought I saw that some person offered a laptop & another person offered some financial advice, Plus didn't you have any fund raisers to help out your situation?

Karen said...

Yes and Yes, Like I said, I have been TRULY blessed throughout the years and I will NEVER deny that. I mention that frequently. What I don't like is when people, who get caught up in the emotional moment, offer things they cannot do. Even these people mean well and I don't hold it against them, I just want to make them aware that their words are remembered. Some offers have not been followed through on, and that's my point. Empty promises hurt those holding out for any hope....and this advice was not just meant for my family, but as advise to anyone who gets caught up in a moment trying to help others.

Anonymous said...


The problem with "extreme makeover" is when the homes are re-done,they are re-assessed and more often than not those families are finding themselves hard-pressed.

I dont see a problem with folks willing to donate laptops or give the Henleys some financial advice ( as lomg as its done by a CFP) but that is a decision they will have to make.