Monday, March 29, 2010


Not much has been going on and for that I am thankful. We are still planning our trip to PA even though I don't have the respite situation for Mike rectified. My sister and I laughed ALOT yesterday as we talked about the road trip with 10 family members, 2 of who are senior citizens. I keep streessing that a sense of humor and Zanax will be key.
I finally made it to mass this weekend. Because we have not had an aide on Sundays, I have been unable to go for months. I miss Mass and the strength it gives me each week. On Sunday, before Mass began, they made an announcement that they needed more Eucharistic Ministers. Even though Courtney is an "EM", she was never "trained" in our Parish. After the second request, they added, "you don't have to be from this Parish to help". Courtney jumped up and pitched right in. I have never seen her give Communion before and even though she was not near me, I kept turning around to look. I got the goosebumps watching her, while the sadness crept in that Mike would never get to see his daughter administer the sacrament of Communion. He would be SO PROUD.

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