Friday, May 30, 2008

Major Setback

Yesterday was NOT a good day.

I got to the hospital around 3:30. Nathan indicated that Mike had a good day. He ate all his breakfast and lunch and was awake most of the day. Around 4pm, he started coughing/burping. He was doing the same thing he did at home and the doctors finally saw what I had been talking about. This "episode" lasted until about 9pm. During this time the doctor told me that they had diagnosed Mike with GERD. He explained that the coughing and discomfort was from this. Not long after this, Mike started having problems breathing from coughing for so long and so hard. His vitals shot up and he had a fever. The nurses got the doctor and they ordered a chest x-ray and blood tests. The IV team tried again to find veins. After 4 unsuccessful attempts in his arms, they finally found a vein on his foot. He didn't even flinch when they put it in. His fever was now 101.7.

At 10:20pm, they finally got the tylenol suppository from pharmacy and they gave it to him. His x-ray showed "some congestion in his mid right lung". Not good.

I spoke with his regular doctor at 7am this morning and he explained that Mike may have aspirated from the GERD. When he last saw Mike yesterday, he had been doing so well, he wanted to send him home today. He was SHOCKED when he heard what happened last night. This morning he said that Mike was resting comfortably and breathing fine. Had he not been told about last night, he wouldn't have known anything was wrong.

My main concern now is this GERD. If this happens each time that Mike eats, the chances of him aspirating the reflux are high. Today they are not giving him any food, after all his body went through last night. He is now on antibiotics and they are testing his blood and urine. I requested that his catheter be removed. His brother passed away from becomming septic after his catheter became clogged. I am covering all basis and if he doesn't need it in, why add another concern.

As always, please pray for Mike's recovery and our strength in getting through this setback.

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