Saturday, May 31, 2008


Mike wasn't great today. He slept most of the day, but that could be for a number of reasons. He's on an antiobiotic for an "infection", which they don't know where it originated from. They keep saying he has "possible aspiration pneumonia", but the suspicious spot is in the lower left lung - the same area they have questionsed EVERYTIME he has been in the hospital. He DOES have a cough I don't like, but when they check his lungs, they say it sounds clear. One culture came back to show some kind of infection in his urine, but it will be another day or two for the culture to be verified. He had a hard time eating/drinking today, but I think he's a bit dehydrated. His urine is dark, which is always an indication. I have been afraid of dehydration since he was admitted, but no one would listen to me. He had gone a few days without anything to eat or drink WITHOUT being on an IV. I'm confident that once he is hydrated, he will get stronger and do OK with drinking and therefor gaining more energy.

As Brandon and I were leaving to get Courtney from a school trip, we met up with the pastor of our church (he had been there at the request of another parishoner to say prayers for a relative). Divine intervention - I think so. He offered to come into Mike's room and say a prayer. He did a beautiful job and it brought my mom and me to tears. Even he said that it was "meant to be" that we saw him when we did. This was a gift from God and something we all needed.

Tomorrow will be a CRAZY day. Courtney is being commissioned by Bishop Murphy to begin her 3 year term as a member of his diocesan counsel. They are having a special mass, then the members have a special luncheon and their first meeting. She also has to make up a driver's ed class in the morning before mass. My brother and Walter will be spending the morning with Mike so that we can attend Courtney's special ceremony. Afterward I will go straight to the hospital. This weekend has been EXTREMELY busy and I haven't even thought about grocery shopping. I have no idea when I am going to do that. There really is NO REST FOR THE WEARY.

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