Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sick & Tired.....literally

Here it is, 2 days before Christmas and I have NOT ONE present wrapped.
I am sick (going to the doctor today). I woke up 2 nights ago not being able to swallow. My throat doesn't hurt, but my tonsils are so swollen, there's barely any opening in the back of my throat. Just what I need. I will also be taking care of Mike myself for 3 days (Christmas, Sat & Sun.) which will not help at all since I will be getting no rest whatsoever. I am so tired I just want to cry.

My birthday was Monday and Mike and the kids got me tickets to see "A Chapin Celebration". I am a BIG fan of Harry Chapin and had seen him NUMEROUS times. His family is performing locally to celebrate his songs and his life. It was a GREAT present and I can't wait to go (April, 2010). Other than that it was just another normal day - as we get older, birthdays aren't as celebrated I guess.

Mike laughed today. I was shocked. He smiles but I haven't actually heard him "chuckle" in quite some time. Courtney is home from school and he's loving every minute. She went in when he woke up and he gave her a HUGE smile and a laugh. It was music to my ears.


karen said...

get well soon. I am so sorry you are sick and Tired. But I can relate. I cry everyday. Happy Late Birthday and Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

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