Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Joy

Christmas started off VERY good. When we went in to wake Mike up, he not only smiled, but he laughed - ALOT!!! Even though I still feel horrible (4 days on antibiotics and still just as bad as the first day), I couldn't help but feel uplifted and blessed. Mike was just so happy, how could I feel bad?

The day proceeded to go well even if for a few arguments here and there from the two siblings. Brandon has been cooped up for 4 weeks and Courtney has been on her own at school for 3 months. They have each fallen into a routine, neither of which goes along with the other. Trouble was bound to ensue. Regardless of the snafu, the day went very well. After I gave Mike his breakfast and got him tucked in for his afternoon nap, Courtney, Brandon and I started watching Inglorious Basterds. About an hour into it, I went in for a nap myself. I've just been SO tired. This has to have been the worst weekend for us not to have help.

I was thrilled when I opened my present from the kids. I FINALLY got my own camera. No more waiting for Courtney or Brandon. The very first picture I took was of Mike smiling. The kids also got Mike a new Led Zeppelin T-Shirt (he's wearing it today as shown in the picture), and he looked really cool.

I'm hoping that I feel better soon - if I could only get some sleep at night. Even though I have been sleeping on the couch, my throat and glands hurt so much and my mouth gets so dry, I am so uncomfortable, I cannot sleep. I NEED to feel better for next week. My sister and her family will be in to celebrate Christmas/New Year's with us. We are VERY MUCH looking forward to this visit and I want to make sure we are all well.

Mike's Christmas smile.

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