Monday, December 28, 2009

Humble Appreciation

First, I can happily say that I am beginning to feel better. It took 5 days on antibiotics for me to feel like I can function properly. I look forward to being 100% soon. A bit of irony - I took this Wednesday off so I could relax and spend time alone with the kids, knowing that Mike was in good hands with his aide. This morning I got a call from the HH Agency stating that his aide will be out Wednesday so she could fulfill her requirements for Medicaid. There goes my ONE DAY to relax. I just cannot win.....................

Secondly, I am writing this post with the hope that some of my "Santa's" read it.

I just cannot believe the generosity that people have shown over the last few months. The last 2 weeks have been especially filled with the "joy of giving", but many people that have given gifts have decided to remain anonymous. I am deeply humbled, and sad at the same time that I cannot give the appropriate thanks.

Some people HAVE signed their cards and for that I WILL send Thank you's. Like:
- the residents at the Sunrise Senior Living who held a holiday sale with proceeds going to us
- to the staff of Seaford School District Office who gave up their holiday gift giving and donated money to us instead
- to the staff at Zucker/Hillside (Low 6) for all the homemade goodies and gift cards
Some people have chosen to remain anonymous:
- to the anonymous student from Kellenberg who sent a home-made card with a gift
- to the person who left a card on my windshield this morning with a gift (appropriately tucked in a plastic baggie because it was raining)
and to all the other people who have sent cards and letters in the mail - THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU.
As I recently said to a friend: I am well aware that money cannot buy happiness, but to be able to pay my bills on time, takes a TREMENDOUS burden off my shoulders.


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