Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Snow Angels

Well the "blizzard" came and we awoke to about 18 inches of snow. With no aide, I knew my day would be crazy. For the first time in a L-O-N-G time, Mike and I and the kids were home alone----just the four of us.
With Brandon not able to walk, me caring for Mike, and my brother being called into work to plow, that left only Courtney left to shovel. As much as she likes it, we have a difficult house to shovel (we live on the corner so we have a lot of sidewalk). Just as I began hyperventilating thinking about how I was going to dig myself out, Mike's friend from his job (the same one that came by the other day) called to say that he and his son would be over to shovel for us. What made it even more special, is the fact that they live about 20 minutes away (on a good clear day).
This is a picture of Mike's (Mike's friend from work; they share the same name) son and his friend as they were finishing up. Before they got to us, they had shoveled their own houses and their grandmother's house. Just as they started making a dent in the snow, my other neighbor came by with his snow blower and cleared out our driveway (which had been plowed in).
Yes, there is such a thing as snow angels and these are mine.

Thank you!!!

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karen said...

Thank god for your snow angles. Stay warm.