Saturday, December 19, 2009

Me & The Kids

On Monday Courtney and I went into NYC for a benefit concert. Various broadway stars got together and sang show tunes and Christmas songs. We had a good time, although by the end of the night I was tired. I'm getting too old..

Today, we waited and prepared for our blizzard. Long Island was supposed to get hit really hard. Kids being kids, love the snow and all Brandon could do was sit inside and watch it come down. He was so pathetic. He put on my boot (notice the pink) and Courtney covered his cast with a plastic bag. He sat outside for a little bit before it started to really come down. I went outside to keep him company.
It's still snowing as we speak, and they say we will be getting about 10-12 inches by tomorrow. Love the snow - hate to shovel.

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