Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh the Holidays...

For those who read my blog and are not on Facebook, I will share a recent experience I had.
Since Medicaid changed it's rules, and aides can't work more than 60 hours a week (which IS good for all), my Sundays are no longer free. Whether the agency finds a sub or not, I am with Mike most of the day. This weekend, we decided to get our tree. I wanted a small one, simple and easy to decorate and maintain. Realistically, I knew that with taking care of Mike AND Brandon, my time would be even more limited. Courtney and I headed to Home Depot on Saturday. Saturday, the day it was cold and rained all day. I had no choice, we didn't have Sunday.
When we got "inside" Home Depot (the trees are in fact outside under a covering) I saw a tree that looked good. It stood about 4-5 feet high, and I figured once it was put in the stand it would be even taller.Courtney wanted no part of it. She voiced her opinion immediately. She pointed to another one and I cut the string holding it together. As I stood it up, the smile that came across Courtney's face was priceless. It WAS the perfect tree. We brought it home, along with some roping for the fence and a wreath for the front door.
Courtney lugged the tree off the car by herself and together we brought it inside. She tightened the stand while I held it in place. She mentioned something about the screws in the stand not lining up right. I told her that when my brother came home from work I would ask him to check it out. That night Courtney and Brandon decorated the tree as best they could (Brandon on crutches - Yes a true Tiny Tim) and they planned on finishing it this weekend.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon - as I walked into the dining room I looked up just in enough time to see the tree fall over, ornaments scattered all over the floor.
Our bare tree is now tied to the wall, waiting for Round Two this weekend.

Oh how I love the holidays......

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karen said...

All I can say is Merry Christmas and You are in my prayers.