Sunday, November 29, 2009


These past few days we officially celebrated Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving is something that we should celebrate every day.
I will not lie, these past 6 days have been REALLY difficult. I didn't realize the enormity of Brandon's sugery and the affect it would have on me. With Courtney away at school, he is my only helper. For the next 4-6 weeks, I will not have him to help me (He needs to be non weight bearing on his right foot). This would normally not be a problem, but since I am already caring for Mike, adding another person into that mix that needs ME, makes it all the more difficult.
Thankfully, we have Mike's hospital bed in the living room. Mike takes his daytime nap in it, but at night, he sleeps in the room with me. Brandon and Mike have been sharing the bed. Each night I have had to "make" Brandon's bed (putting his sheets etc on it) and each morning I have to undo Brandon's bed and turn it back into Mike's bed.
Since Brandon cannot put ANY weight on his foot, he can't even get a glass of water himself. Sure he can go to the kitchen and pour the drink, but he needs another set of hands to bring it to where he wants to drink it. That's just one small example, but the bottom line is, now there are TWO people that are counting on me to help them.
This weekend we were all looking forward to Courtney coming home for Thanksgiving, but Brandon's surgery took center stage. I feel really bad that I didn't get to do what I would have liked to do with Courtney. Our aide wasn't around a lot, so we lost alot of time and the time I DID have, I had to make sure Brandon was OK. Bear in mind, he's on painkillers since the surgery. He's 16 and not used to the effects they can have on the body. Anyway, needless to say, Courtney was disappointed with her visit this weekend and I can't blame her. I am even more exhausted than I thought I would be.
The one thing I DID get to do was get Brandon out of the house and I took both him and Courtney to see The Blind Side. The movie was excellent and I would recommend it to everyone. Taking all of the above craziness into consideration, I am extremely thankful. I thank God every day for my children's health, my health, our home and our friends and family. We may not have as much as some, but we sure do have more than others. The movie yesterday helped to reinforce that thought.
We should give thanks EVERY DAY, not just once a year.

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Liz said...

I am so glad you, Brandon and Courtney got to go out and have some fun together, a little down time. It really would be beneficial to all of you if you could possibly work this into your schedule on more of a regular basis. It is great that you are able to recognize how very lucky you are in so many ways in spite of everything. That in itself is a gift.