Friday, November 6, 2009

If it's not Mike, it's Gizmo......

I went to bed early last night because I was tired from the night before (I had watched the Yankee game with Brandon until 1:00 am) At 10:30, I hit the hay completely exhausted. I fell asleep, no problem. At 3:00 a.m. Gizmo began barking and barking... constantly. I worried that if he woke Mike out of a sound sleep, it would bring on a "S". I tried to ignore him but after about 15-20 mins., I finally got up to see what he was barking at. At that point I didn't care if there was an intruder - enough was enough. I checked out the house and the only thing I saw was that our back light had gone on (sensor) which was most likely triggered by the wind. I grabbed Gizmo and brought him back into bed.
Gizmo began his life with us as a crated dog, but when Mike began going to the hospital frequently, I let Gizmo sleep on the bed with me. - company for both of us. Big mistake. When he jumps off the bed in the middle of the night, he cannot get back up. He then cries, and whines and pulls at the covers until I slide myself out of the corner of the bed and pick him up. There are nights when I am up and down with him many times.
Gizmo came back onto the bed and I was petting him with one hand and holding Mike with the other, trying the relax the both of them. After another 1/2 hour of this, I saw he was still jumpy and was ready to bark at any moment. At 4:00 am I finally grabbed Gizmo and went to sleep on the couch. So last night, Mike was OK, but Gizmo kept me awake.
As for the college situation, today is another day. I woke up renewed and ready to face our struggles. I'm sure things will work out but I think what upset me MOST about the entire phone call yesterday, was the COMPLETE lack of understanding. The Dean was so cold. If he said what he needed to say, in a more understanding manner, I don't think I would have been so upset. What would it have taken for him to say, "Mrs. Henley, I'm very sorry to hear about your husband's illness and the problems it has caused, but unfortunately....I'm sorry we just can't help you. Good luck with everything" Instead I got a robot with no feeling or compassion and I believe THAT is what hurt the most.

We WILL be OK.

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karen said...

I think I would get Gizmo some steps for the bed. If they would not be in the way. My dogs tree possums and bark all night. I have to keep getting up to tell them to shut up but as soon as I get back to sleep they start barking. Good luck and I hope you get some sleep.