Saturday, November 14, 2009

Better News

Mike's aide is OK. Her blood pressure and sugar levels were too high, but she is fine. Thank goodness.

Yesterday, Courtney went to Penn State to see my nephew (her cousin) perform in his last show while in the school (he graduates in May). Penn State also had a football game this weekend and hotels were hard to come by, so my sister booked a room at a hotel in Clearfield PA. It's about an hour away from Penn State, and it will be the same hotel we will all be staying in in May when we go to Steve's graduation. Courtney called when they got there amazed at the memories it brought her.

Clearfield is the place where I realized that Mike was ill. I will explain.....

One of Courtney's friends moved there, and each August, we would go for the purpose of attending the Clearfield County Fair. It was a "real" fair with baking contests, livestock contests, concerts and rides. It was there, in August of 2000, that Mike said to me, "so where is Courtney anyway". It was after that visit that we came back and made an appointment with Mike's doctor. The last time we went to Clearfield was the year Mike was diagnosed (he was diagnosed in April of 2001). The following August (2001) we went for the last time. It was sad because we always had such a good time. It was a yearly trip that we all looked forward to. When Courtney called today to tell me that the hotel they are staying in tonight was right across the street from the Super 8 we stayed in one year when a stray dog came runnig into our room during a severe thunderstorm, I was flooded with emotions. Who would have ever thought, that night, 9 years ago, when we had Brandon, Courtney and her friend Lori, jumping on the bed screaming in fear of this dog, that our life would be like this today? Not me. My mind has been racing ever since Courtney called, thinking about all that has happened since that time.
I am also tired because I was up ALOT last night with Mike. He was very restless again, shivering, making groaning noises and coughing. He seemed fine today, so I'm not sure what happened last night. I do know that I lost alot of sleep and I'm tired.

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karen said...

Been there girl. I hope you get some rest soon. We took our last vacation with mom about 5 yrs. ago maybe longer. Mom is at the Hospice home so I can have a vacation. She comes back tomorrow. This is my last night of sleep. But I really have not been sleeping well. I guess my body is used to getting up and turning and changing her so I wake up automaticly. Tomorrow night I will want to sleep and can't I bet. It sucks. Good thoughts coming your way. And glad the aid is well. They are very important to ours lives.