Friday, November 13, 2009

Bad News

I got a phone call tonight that has the potential of creating BIG problems. Mike's aide is in the hospital. I don't know exactly what happened, but her friend left a message that apparently she "collapsed" as she was getting off the bus tonight. They brought her to the hospital where they determined it's her blood pressure. I care about Elaine VERY much, she's a great person and wonderful with Mike, and I feel bad that my first reaction to the news was "oh no, Brandon has 3 appointments next week for his surgery. Who will be here with Mike?"

I will try not to think that far in advance and try to figure out how I will get through the weekend. Caring for Mike is NEVER a problem, but when I take care of him, I can never get other things done. My life goes into pause mode. I hope and pray, for Elaine as well as Mike, that she feels better soon.


karen said...

I hope all is better soon with the 3 of you. Aide's are a very important part of our lives. And we can't live without them.

seth said...

Ms Henley,

What kind of computer are you using?

I may have an extra keyboard in my garage.

Let me know and ill try to get it to you.


Karen H said...

Thank you for your offer, but my computer is actually broken. I am using my son's old laptop and he has the "u-less" keyboard. We're managing.