Monday, November 9, 2009


I finally met the hospice nurse on Thursday. I spoke to her about Mike and his mucus problem. It's nothing new, but it just seems to be getting worse. After he eats, especially at night, he builds up alot of mucus in his throat. He can still cough it out, but lately, it's been taking me longer to get him to cough it out (I do the chest pounding & the nebulizer). My concern is: the day he will no longer be able to cough it out OR the day the mucus goes into his lungs. The nurse suggested the Transderm Scops patch. Apparently, it dries up the mucus in the throat for patients who are having problems swallowing. It's meant to help with motion sickness, but it's used for this purpose also. We keep it on for 3 days and change it.
I put it on Mike on Friday, and I really haven't seen a difference. We'll wait and see. Last night he coughed alot after dinner and he brought a TON of the mucus up (sorry for the subject matter) so I'm not sure it's actually doing anything.
This hospice also started measuring the circumference of Mike's arm, which when measured regularly, will determine if Mike is losing weight. This is something the other hospice didn't do, and yet they were going to discharge him for no decline. He could have been losing weight yet how would they have been able to tell?
Brandon is also getting nervous about his ankle surgery (scheduled for 11/24). We have alot coming up with that (pre-surgical testing, medical clearance etc.), and Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. Right after that is Christmas.......YIKES, I'm not ready.


karen said...

I am so affaid Hospice will stop coming . I see decline in mom but They don't . I tell them over and over how she is changing . It is not easy to see inless you live with her. so far so good. The measureing of his arm is such a good idea. I was wondering how they would be able to tell if mom was losing weight.
This sounds silly but hospice gave mom eye drops. It is a kind that if I drop in her mouth it dries up her muscus. Sounds silly right. That is what I thought.But it works.You can use them in eyes to . But who wants dry eyes.LOL!

seth said...

Ms Henley,

Wanted to let you know..more prayers were said last friday nite.

hope this is a better week for you.