Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Brandon is still not 100%. Courtney is getting better, but still congested. My mother's husband, Walter, is now the newest victim of this stomach virus. I'm REALLY concerned because we now know that Brandon must have had a virus and it wasn't the medicine or something he ate, which means the virus has been in our house. I have been continually praying that Mike has a special shield around him and he's protected by his angels and he does NOT get it. I really don't think Mike's body is strong enough to bounce back from a virus as strong as this.
I have been trying to catch little cat-naps here and there so I can remain strong and not get anything myself.
My brother's finger is coming along. We had to help him change the bandage today. Unfortunately the gauze started healing into the wound so he couldn't pull it off. Instead, he soaked his finger for a couple hours so the gauze would fall off on it's own. Courtney and Brandon were troopers and helped him - I did not have the stomach for it. His finger nail was COMPLETELY ripped off -ughhhhhh.
We are watching the Super Bowl, cheering on Mike's favorite team - the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's 20-14 right now in their favor, but that's too close for comfort. I hope they can pull it off, for Mike's sake. GO STEELERS!!!!!

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Carl in NC said...

Congrats on the Steelers win! Will pray for healing from this sickness and protection for Mike. Take care of yourself too.

Have a great rest of the week!

Take care and God bless,