Thursday, February 5, 2009

LIAF Conference

Today was the Conference at Adelphi University. I spoke about navigating the emergency room when you have a loved one with Alzheimer's (or related dementia). I feel I was able to give good advise and a few people even came up to me when it was over and thanked me for speaking. The local TV station was there taking video for footage which they plan to use to when they put their piece out to coincide with the article in Newsday (our newspaper). Afterward a woman came up to the kids and I, and poured her heart out. Her husband had just been diagnosed 2 years ago, he's in his early 50's and they have 2 teenage sons. She lives in Suffolk County and came to the conference hoping to meet me (she had seen our picture in the LIAF newsletter and knew that I would be able to TRULY understand what she is going through). My heart broke for her. We wound up talking to her for about an hour and I felt she would have talked longer because she was finally able to find someone who "walked in her shoes". Courtney reminded me that this was the reason why I talk at these events. If I can help JUST one person, then everything is worth it. It made me feel good and I thought the day was an overall success.

The last few days I haven't been feeling well, it was only a matter of time. It was perfectly timed with the conference. Exactly what I needed when I was speaking in front of a crowd - coughing, sneezing etc. Thankfully I didn't have any disruptive outbreaks.
Courtney and Brandon are still not 100%. I will probably be taking them to the doctor. Courtney said her ear is hurting and Brandon STILL has sinus issues. I keep praying that Mike stays "healthy".
(This picture was taken today at the conference. That's me second from the left.)


Carl in NC said...

Great job, I am glad you were able to help that person who came to the conference. I hope that you all feel better soon.


trish said...


Thanks for speaking up at the conference. We have to be the best advocates for our spouses with AD. Good job!


Karen H said...

To my EOAD e-mail/blog "family" (Carl and Trish) -

Thank you both so much for your kind words. I hope you are both doing well and that your wife and husband are "status quo". That's the way that I always liked Mike to be.

Yes Trish the only way we can get things to change is by speaking out. We're ALL doing a good job.