Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Things have been pretty much the same. I am thankful when my life doesn't go into "overdrive" which usually happens anytime that Mike gets sick. I find myself holding my breath everyday, just hoping to make it through another day unscathed.
--The kids are doing well. Courtney is getting nervous about her senior trip to Florida. Her entire class goes to Disney for 4 days and 3 nights, and this will be the first plane ride she will be taking without me. She an EXTREMELY nervous flyer. I keep telling her that she will be SO EXCITED just being on a trip with her friends, that she won't even think about it. She tells me I'm wrong. That trip is at the end of April. Two weeks before Disney, she will be going to Washington DC on a band trip. I'm so glad that she gets to do these things.
--Brandon does his own thing. He's been out alot at his friends house playing basketball, football and video games. I'm glad he's doing more physical stuff and getting outdoors more. When I was a kid, we were ALWAYS outside. Brandon is getting more and more mature everyday and is on my back about getting HIS lerner's permit. He turns 16 in May and can't wait to go and take the test so he can drive. He's the COMPLETE opposite of Courtney, who to this day, still doesn't really like to drive.
--A very dear friend, who owns her own dance studio and teaches dance at St. Brigid's, contacted me in the beginning of the year about doing a benefit show. She was a help to me when Mike was first diagnosed. I gave her the name of two organizations that I thought were VERY helpful to me in the beginning. Her troupe will perform with all proceeds going to Long Island Alzheimer's Foundation and Alzheimer's Association. One of the dancers in the troupe knows David Hyde Pierce. They were hoping he could come, but he is busy rehearsing for a new Broadway show. Instead he is donating two tickets and two backstage passes to the benefit. This will be the grand prize drawing and I HOPE it will bring alot of money in. If anyone is interested in information on the benefit, you can go to:

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