Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When it Rains...........

I had the day off yesterday to try to get some things done for Christmas. I have been trying desperately to decorate the house (inside and out) since the weekend and only a small portion has been done. Because my boss is going away next week (again) I asked for a few days off so I could get things done. I got two days, and yesterday was my last day off.

It began with me waking up and feeling like "poop" (it's a family Blog -LOL:). I started to not feel well over the weekend and Monday night, I knew it was coming. My scratchy, burning throat, runny nose, pressure in my head and my ear hurt. To top it all off, my asthma was acting up because of this. I had to go to get my yearly thyroid sonogram. Oh yeah, Mike's eyeglasses broke in half on Monday and I had to try to find someplace that could make up another pair without him being there. After my sonogram, I set out to the vision place. They could not make another pair without Mike's written prescription (I doubt he ever had one) because he had too many stigmatisms (is that the word?!) and they couldn't get an accurate reading from his lenses. I was so upset, but I didn't have time to think because my mom called from home to tell me that the x-ray tech was on his way over to x-ray Mike's shoulder, finally. I ran home to help them get Mike ready for that. After that was done, I had to go to the pharmacy to get a cream for Mike for a rash he's had since Monday (I get panicked because of his MRSA past). Oh yeah, and Mike's aid had hurt her wrist in the morning, so I had to make sure I was home when he had to be transferred because she couldn't do it herself. I did all this while not feeling well.

Final results: I still have not been able to find a place that will make Mike's glasses, his x-ray showed no break, dislocation or fracture (YEAH), I have a sinus infection and an ear infection and Mike' aide will most likely be going to the doctor to have her wrist looked at. I went to the pharmacy to frop off my medication and they called to tell me that my insurance listed my policy as "expired". I wanted to start the antibiotic tonight, but now I will have to look forward to arguing with HIP tomorrow morning.

I told God that I'm not particularly enjoying his sense of humor right now.

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