Thursday, December 18, 2008

Good Day

I am relieved to say that today Mike did much better. His fever is gone and he doesn't seem to be in pain anymore. He even had some lunch and dinner today which made me very happy.

When I walked in his room this morning, we was still sleeping. His lips we SO dry and I felt so bad for him. I gave him a kiss and he opened his eyes and gave me a smile. I was set - that was all I needed to see. I cleaned up his mouth and mixed up his Gatorade (with the "Thick'It") and he seemed genuinely happy to get something to drink. Once again, it's times like these that leave me feeling so bad for him. He's so helpless lying there not able to express his needs. I started off very slow, because I didn't want to give him too much on an empty stomach. After he had some juice, he put his head back and fell asleep. He looked very content, which was a far cry from how he looked when we brought him in. I like his content look MUCH better.

The kids came up later in the day with my mom, after their tests, and they were very happy to see him relaxed and comfortable. They both studied again (they have 2 more tests tomorrow - unless we get all that snow they're calling for, in which case they will be put off until next week).

Oh yeah and one more bit of news.............COURTNEY GOT ACCEPTED INTO FORDHAM UNIVERSITY!!!!!! That's where she's wanted to go since she visted it last year and I was so concerned for her that she wouldn't get in. Now the next HUGE hurdle will be figuring out how to afford it. I hope she will be elligible for merit scholarships and financial aid. Heck, if we're not elligible for financial aid, who would be????? I am just so proud of her and so happy that she got into her first choice school. She will also be applying to Vassar and NYU, and while they are considered her "reach schools" I think she has a good chance to get in. If she does, we will have to seriously reconsider her choice, since those 2 schools may have a better communications/film department. And now the fun begins..............

So all in all, today was a good day. Mike did well and Courtney got into her first choice college. Let's hope that tomorrow is another good day. We could sure use more good days.

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