Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What People Take for Granted

This coming Monday is Memorial Day. As my dad was a WWII veteran, I was hoping to go to the cemetary and afterward, spend some time with the kids. It seems like each weekend comes and goes so fast, and we're always busy with food shopping, cleaning etc., that we never get to do anything "enjoyable". I was hoping to do that on Monday, a "bonus" day if you will, when I knew Mike would be well taken care of with Nathan. Instead, Nathan told us that he needed to take off a few days next week (he actually told me he was taking off 2-3 days, but when the substitute called to ask for directions, HE told us he would be in for the entire week. Nathan never even told us he was taking the whole week??!!) So now, instead of spending that "bonus" day with the kids, I will have to remain home, close at hand to make sure that this substitute can handle Mike. I won't even go in to what I will do with work next week. Most aides have no idea how to care for an Alzheimer patient and I cannot, with a clear mind, leave Mike in the hands of someone who doesn't know what they're doing. I am always torn with regard to my responsibilities - Mike, the kids, work. It seems as if I am constantly being pulled in every direction, with all parties having equal priorities. So this time, I will not get that day to spend with the kids, something most people take for granted.

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