Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Twitching is a common problem with AD patients, more so in EOAD for some reason. Throughout the day and night, Mike will involuntarily jerk or twitch his arms, legs, head etc.

When Mike wakes up too soon, or with a "startle", the jerks come on more vigorously. This morning was one of those days. I'm particularly unnerved by them because he was having them frequently right before he had his Grand Mal seizure last year, so in my mind, I'm afraid that it will happen again. When this happens I rub his forehead and arm and try to relax him. After 1/2 hour this morning of constant jerks, he finally calmed down. It took me a little longer. These "episodes" come in spurts. There will be days and weeks when he doesn't have them and we love those times. Then all of a sudden, they begin. The doctors say they aren't painful to Mike and they are caused by the plaques in the brain taking over certain areas that control movement. It just breaks my heart when I see him like this.

And so begins another day...............

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