Thursday, May 3, 2007

Family News

Courtney has applied to be a volunteer at the local hospital. Since she saw so much when Mike was a patient, she thought she would like to help out. According to her, she knows all areas of the hospital anyway. Her only concern - she will spend so much time talking to lonely patients, she won't get anything done.

Brandon is getting ready to make his Confirmation next week. My sister will be coming in with my nephew who will be his sponsor. We look forward to spending time with them.

We have been trying since February to change Mike's Medicaid around so that we can enroll him in hospice. Because AD is so unpredictable, the 6 mos. or less requirement for hospice is not really a problem. I was told that there are patients with AD on hospice for years. We are trying to get it so we can take advantage of the extra services and to try to keep Mike out of the hospital. Unfortunately, NOTHING has been accomplished since February and I am getting frustrated. Even when you want to do something beneficial, it's not easy.

Gizmo just got a haircut and it was much needed. Maybe I will try to get a picture up. He continues to be very protective of Mike and jealous of me when I sit with Mike. He wants all the attention himself.

Me, I'm getting ready for a busy May. Brandon's confirmation and birthday, my mother's birthday and Mother's Day - all within one week. As if I wasn't busy enough :).

(The picture was taken today, 5/3/07)

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