Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wouldn't you Know it

Just as I was getting nervous about our trip to DC, the inevitable happened. Mike came down with a fever last night. To make my day even more complete, I found ot that they canceled my car insurance and I got disconnect notices for gas & electric - all for non-payment. I didn't realize how behind I was.
Forever the optimist (I STILL don't know how) I believe that things WILL work themselves out. Believe it or not, my biggest concern is Mike's fever. Now I have to figure out where the source is and hope he is feeling better before I leave on Sunday.
Thankfully, he woke up without a fever today and his aide will be calling the hospice nurse around noon to update her. The problem with giving Mike antibiotics is that his system is so fragile and he doesn't eat much, so he often gets an upset stomach from medicine. It's a juggling act to see what will be worse for him. I THINK it's his sinus's so I'm going to see if they can prescribe a nasal spray. This way it may clear him up without the use of antibiotics that effect his stomach.
Yeah, and we're supposed to go to Washingotn in 2 days.................

Just another day in the life of Alzheimer's.


trish said...

God bless you Karen. I'll be praying that all will go well for you and your family.

Jo Ann said...

Hi Karen,
When you get back get in touch with Key Span and LIPA and let them know you have a medically disabled person living in the house. This will prevent them from turning off your service. My girlfriend had electric turned off last year for late payments. they warn her but she didn't think it was that bad and one day they did it. Her husband has sleep apnea and uses a machine at night to sleep. LIPA came out within a few hours and put the electric back on. LIPA made a note on their file the there is medical machines used inthe hous.

Good luck in Washington DC. My prayers our with you.
Jo Ann