Monday, March 22, 2010

Next Stop..Pennsylvania

For over a year, my sister has been planning my nephew's graduation fron Penn State University. Yes, we will be gaining a meteorologist in our family. Because of the size of the school, plans needed to be made far in advance, so our hotel has been booked for almost a year. Now that our Washington trip is over, I can concentrate on our trip in PA. This trip will require much more planning.
MIKE will definitely need to be placed in a respite facility, and I know that will be an issue since they don't allow patients or their families to "plan ahead". I will be talking to the social worker next week about what we can do.
GIZMO will need to be boarded somewhere. Even if I can get someone to come by and walk him, I cannot leave him alone all day and night by himself. I would be concerned if something happened to him and no one would be there.
COURTNEY has finals the week of my nephew's graduation, so they need to be re-scheduled. She's also supposed to move out of her dorm by May 15th.
BRANDON will be turning 17 on the day of my nephew's graduation so we will need to find a way to celebrate that somehow, without taking away my nephew's thunder for such a HUGE accomplishment.

Nothing is ever easy, but I'm PRAYING that everything works out and my ENTIRE family will be able to get away. My goal is to go to PA and not have to plan one thing. I want to be told where to go and when we have to go - I want 4 days of no responsibility. I'll need it for sure by the time we get on the road!!!!

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