Thursday, March 4, 2010


With only three days left before the kids and I go to Washington, I am getting nervous. In my head, it seemed like a good idea and one I was comfortable with - leaving Mike with our aide ffor the 3 days we will be away. My mom and her husband, along with my brother will be in and out those 3 days, so they will not be alone. I also spoke to Mike's hospice nurse so she was aware and I will be giving Elaine (aide) her direct number in case of an emergency. It's been 5 years since the kids and I went ANYWHERE for more than a night, and at that time, Mike was much healthier.
I'm sure things will work out, but I can't seem to shake the nervousness that I am beginning to feel, as natural as it may be. We will be back home before I know it, and all this worry will be for naught. I just hope that my time with the Senators/Represenatives will be worth it.

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Jo Ann said...

HI Karen,
You and your kids deserve to go to Washington and tell your story. Who better then you to do it. You have lived with this for the past 8 years and who knows how long to come. You and the kids have cared for Mike in your home which is truly love. Mike knows you love him and the sickness part of the wedding vows you have lived up to. You have been unselfless in caring for him. I hope you get some rest but mostly the goverment needs to hear the story of Mike and what your family is living through. Best of luck in Washington. Your in my prayers. Have a safe trip.
Jo Ann