Monday, March 15, 2010

Grease Those Wheels

The feedback (from Washington and the Conference) continues to pour in, and all of it good. I really feel like we've turned an important corner. A few friends/family have also written to their Congressman and woman and their Senators. This is exactly what we need- the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Years ago, when AIDS was an epidemic, people were outraged and they let their voices be heard. Money for research came pouring in and today, AIDS is no longer a death sentence. The same can be said for certain cancers, heart disease and diabetes. Unfortanely the funding for Alzheimer's Disease research has actally gone DOWN, and in turn, the deaths are increasing. What can we do to make a change?

For all those blog followers, please contact your Reps/Senators and request that they support AD research. To make it easier, you can go to the Alzheimer's Association web site and sign up to be a "virtual advocate". They also have sample letters already written that you can send out to your Congressman.

Let's stand up and be counted - let's gets those wheels greased!!!

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