Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a Weekend

I can't stress enough, what a welcome surprise my sister and her family's visit was. It's Sunday night and I'm sad that they're gone.

This weekend was busy and fun. Mike did well, but Saturday morning, things were a little crazy, so we had to quiet things down so he could eat his breakfast in peace. In the past, when my sister and her family would visit, Mike would often turn his head, give them a smile when they spoke to him. This visit was different. He didn't seem to have much recognition, although we did get him to smile a few times. His stares were blank. I believe my sister, brother-in-law, nieces and nephew were just happy that they got to see Mike.
Saturday, we did some errands and our guests tagged along with us. Courtney chauffered us around (they wanted to see how well she drove. She did GREAT). We did this when Mike was taking his afternoon nap so it would be quiet. While Mike was eating his dinner, my sister treated us to dinner at a local pizzeria. She looks forward to coming down and getting their pizza, because as we all know, no one can make pizza as good as New Yorkers :) After dinner, after we got Mike into bed, my BIL and brother took the "kids" to the local fair and we ended the night watching the fireworks display from our backyard.
Sunday morning we made breakfast. Courtney drove my niece (23) to the supermarket and did our grocery shopping while we cleaned up the house. My sister helped me clean and sort through the mess in the DR (many boxes are still there from when my brother moved in in May), my brother mowed and edged the lawn and my BIL did some minor repairs around the house. So not only did my sister and BIL take time from their busy schedule and spend money on a hotel for 2 nights, they came here to HELP.
The small amount of time that they were here, was prescious. I pray that Mike was aware of their presence and enjoyed it just as much as we did. We enjoyed EVERY minute of their visit and as always, my nephew had us laughing more than ever.

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