Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Update

This weekend went fast and thankfully, with no incidents.

Yesterday Courtney and I ran errands (she drove). Then her friend came over and Courtney, her friend, Brandon and Jonathan went to see The Dark Knight.....again. It was the 2nd time for Brandon and the 5th time for Courtney. What made it somewhat different was the fact that this time they saw it in IMAX. They loved it. My brother had to help me get Mike into bed because the kids were out right at the time I need help. I didn't have the heart to tell the kids they couldn't go. My brother and I did "OK", but Courtney helped me adjust Mike later in the night.

Today Courtney went to a "tea party" with her girlfriends at one of their homes. They were all supposed to get dressed up. I think it's a novel idea and can't wait to see how Courtney liked it. Brandon's friend Jonathan (now in a soft cast) came over in the afternoon.

We got our first donation for the Alzheimer's Association's Memory Walk, thank you Gail, Charlie, Kristin, Stephen and Lauren. We particpate every year and try to increase the amount we raise with each year. Last year we hoped for $1,000.00 and we raised $1,600.00. This year we're shooting for $2,000.00. We're hopeful we can surpass that goal. I remember Mike and I had done one of the first Memory Walks at a smaller park near our home the year he was diagnosed (2001). I am thrilled to see it become a bigger event raising more money and awareness.

We walk under the team name "Henley's heroes." Here is our donation page.

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