Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Good Day

Everything has been "OK". I hate being too optimistic, as I'm always afraid of jinxing things. Courtney tells me that I can never be happy. When Mike is doing well, I get concerned about what may happen - When he's out of sorts, then obviously I'm concerned. I'm never able to just be happy. I recently started repeating that phrase, "Let Go and Let God". My dad used to say all the time, "what's the use of worrying if you can't change things anyway". As I've grown older, I realized that the statements are one in the same. God has a plan and we can't change it.

We'v been busily planning our Pre-Memory Walk Lemonade Sale and BBQ. Courtney has her friends over and they raise money for the walk through a lemonade sale. With Courtney though, it's never that easy. She has to bake also. For a few nights before the BBQ, we're up baking and wrapping up monkey bread, cookies etc. Last year we had SO MUCH left over. People were just putting money in the jar and not taking anything in return. We had to beg people to take something. Last year they raised about $200.00 in those few hours and Courtney would like to top that this year. After the sale, her friends stay for a BBQ. We can never really have their friends over (we would have no place for them to "hang out". Our basement is not finished and our attic is not heated or a/c'd), so it's nice when we have the opportunity to have this BBQ. The kids hang out outside most of the day and it keeps it quiet inside for Mike.

Today we made our new T-shirts for the walk. henley's heroes has a new look this year. We're still tie-dyed, but we each have a different picture with ourselves and Mike on the front. Courtney did an excellent designing job. For our friends, we just have the team name on the front. On the back, each person is writing "why they walk". We hope it creates the attention and awareness we're looking for.

On an end note, today Mike smiled and laughed like I haven't seen in months. His dimples showed through and my heart soared. Today was a good day.

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Carl in NC said...

You guys are an inspiration!