Thursday, October 16, 2008

Possible Clot

Yesterday's debate did NOT create any transportation issues with the kids and their school day yesterday. After a day of concern and worry about how long it would take for them to get home, everything went fine. That was even with the rally held at Eisenhower Park which is right on the way home (something that I didn't even know about).

I called Mike's nurse yesterday because his calf and foot seemed to be swollen. My concern of course is a blood clot. She came over and confirmed it was swollen and spoke to the hospice doctor and Mike's doctor and ordered a doplar test to be done right here at home. Even though Mike had the "filter" put in after the pulmonary embolism situation, blood clots are still a concern. Ironically, this is happening on the same leg where we noticed a very odd red ring last week. It was more like an oval shape the size of his calf. I was concerned then, but then it went away and I kind of forgot about it. I mentioned it to Christa (his hospice nurse) and she said she would mention it to the doctor to see what they think.

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