Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Forgive Me While I Sleep

The last few weeks have not been good sleeping weeks.

The first week, Mike was sick and I was up with him a few nights while he recovered.
The second week, I didn't feel well and I slept out on the couch for fear of giving Mike what I had.
This week so far, Mike is having restless sleep, so therefore, so am I.

There have been times when I have fallen asleep in my car at lucnh time - the ONLY time I have to myself during the course of my day. On the weekends, you will often find me taking an "afternoon nap" just to get me through the day. I never had to do this, but I guess all the lost sleep is beginning to take it's toll.

This reminds me of our life when we brought Courtney and Brandon home from the hospital as newborns, but this time, I'm not caring for a child, I'm taking care of my husband and I'm 17 years older than I was then. I'm beginning to feel the side affects of my lack of sleep and my "old age".

Forgive me, if you happen to see me and I fall asleep...............

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