Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Begins

The kids are so excited that school is FINALLY over. Brandon finished the school year by taking the 10th grade biology Regents (he just finished 8th grade) and scoring a 93. WOW!!! We haven't gotten Courtney's grades yet, but I have no doubt they will be great. They will be working at their grade school's summer camp again. They really seem to enjoy it since they know all the teachers and students. Courtney will be going to her orienation on July 6th for her volunteer job at the hospital this summer.

Upsetting news - on Wed. Mike fell out of the Hoyer as Nathan was transferring him to the Geri Chair after his nap. Thankfully the kids, my mom & Walter were there to help get him up. I have been watching Mike for any signs of distress, but so far so good. It seems that he didn't so much fall, as he "slid out", according to Nathan. Getting a call from Courtney at work though saying that "dad just fell" made my stomach drop. It's always something :(

Alzheimer's Foundation of America wrote a piece about Mike for a mailing they will be sending out to raise awareness and funds for the "Quilt to Remember". I am thrilled that it will be displayed in Garden City in November so we can go see it again and see how much it has grown (we were at the inaugural viewing last November in Central Park). It is such a wonderful tribute to all those suffering. As AFA says, "it gives a voice for those who can't speak for themselves".

Happy Summer to All..........

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